Családi legendák

animation (6)

Original Title:
Családi legendák
Directed by:
Glaser Katalin
Running time:
1 hour 5 min.
Age limit
Release Date

Brief description

Legendarily large, cohesive family is Nádasberczy, where it is a tradition for every 10-year-old family member to receive a copy of the family photo album to learn about the family's history. Karolina is now 10 years old and is happy to squat in the big armchair with her family photo album. Many of you will think that everything Karolina says is just a matter of imagination. But we can assure everyone that it is not. There is proof of that, the photo album. Carolina, like everyone, loves her family especially because with them, everyone is weird. So this is a funny movie about a strange family, the Nádasberczy.



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